Tuesday, March 29, 2011


& WELL WELL WELL it is i for whom if it is a crime to be this kind with SO MUCH FREE TIME and being so nice MR.BAD NEWS and i saw a news about a girl named alye on hln news last night & i have to say it struck a cord with me because i have been through hell and i know the feeling of emptyness & it is NOT cool & this girl named alye touched my heart & i have to say i refuse to let her suffer any longer so im here to do damage control because I HAVE BEEN ANGRY MAD & EXTREMELY PISSED OFF SINCE MIDDLE SCHOOL & i know what she is going through because i've been there i've done that I KNOW HELL because i have dreams about it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT & MY BODY FREEZES UP LEAVING ME UNABLE TO MOVE & I CAN'T WAKE MY SELF UP MEANING THIS LIFE IM LEAVING (IS A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i can't stand it & im wondering, WHY? why? im i still alive while my fellow victims are killing them selfs off while im forced to face the devil EVERY NIGHT thats how much I HATE MY LIFE thanks to the pain i went through in every school i went to & dealing with bullying to the point where i have been SUICIDAL 15 TIMES ALREADY IN MY LIFE im sick of this and i have been to multiple sleeping centers & NONE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO HELP ME, thats how deep my pain is & im rarely able to sleep at night, & at every school i have been to i have been called thesame thing A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! & i am so sick of this hell because i have been framed 4 or 5 times i have been kicked out of 2 middle schools for fights that i DIDN'T START i have been jumped 3 or 4 times and i got jumped by 20 students in high school last year by both girls & boys & the girls were the ones who started it because they attacked me first & what a coincidence that i got jumped on thesame year as chris brown considering rihana started it, so yes HIGH SCHOOL WILL BE WORST & IM SURE YOU ALREADY HEARD ABOUT THE RUGERS UNIVERSITY BULLYCIDE MEANING COLLEGE ALSO HAS IT'S PROBLEMS & SCHOOLS DON'T WANT TO BE BLAMED FOR CRAP & SCHOOL SHOOTINGS & YOU KNOW WHAT SOUTH HADLEY TRIED TO LIE ABOUT NOT KNOWING ABOUT PHOEBE BEING BULLIED MEANING FIRST THEY SAID THEY KNEW THEN TURNED & SAID THEY DIDN'T KNOW & FINALLY THE D.A'S OFFICE REVEALED THAT SOUTH HADLEY KNEW EVERY THING SO SHAME ON THEM,

& now time for the Britney Spears part of this blog, hey did you hear that she failed BIG TIME with her come back yup true because yahoo is talking about it http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/amplifier/88756/watch-britney-spears-perform-femme-fatale-live/  YES I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN I MEAN SERIOUSLY WHY COME BACK NOW? YOU'RE NOT DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


WELL... WELL... WELL.... it is i for whom if it is a crime to shine & so lucky with all this money i don't even have a job & yet i find money on the ground all the time MR.BAD NEWS, i recently heared about chris brown's blow up i have to say i saw this coming & i have to ask WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY DID THAT INTERVIEWER ASK CHRIS ABOUT  HER RIHANA? IDK but this is STUPID because thats what caused this blow up to begin with because 1.brown wants to forget 2.he wants NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PAST & 3.if you bring that up again best expect a repeat, but i find it RETARDED that rihana started this because she started the fight first & ADMITTED IT & in the end CHRIS BROWN IS THE ONE WHO SUFFERED IN THE END & AT THE END OF ALL OF IT, this is retarded JUST LEAVE THE GUY ALON BECAUSE HIS LIFE IS MORE HELL THAN CHARLIE FREAKING SHEEN JUST LEAVE CHRIS BROWN ALON SO THAT HE CAN SUFFER SILENTLY WITHOUT YOU AIRING HIS DIRTY LAUNDRY.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


there is a reason that this is happening & it started when that STUPID bill to force kids to watch educational shows was created & THE FOOLISH FCC enforced & re-enforced it & thats when reality shows started popping up left & right like a bad cancer just like at cartoonnetwork,
disney & nick DEAD, do you know how much complaints are on the internet????? ALOT so much reality & complaints it's good enough to make you're eyes BLEED, & MTV & B.E.T & VH1 & FUSE CHANNEL & G4 are next to DIE!!!!!!!!!! & thats why skins & jersey shore & jerseylicious & the bad girls club on the oxygen channel & teen mom & the real jersey house wifes & the real mob wifes & the real house wifes are here TOO PUSH THE ENVELOP because times are hard right now & this 5 shows reflect a harsh time right now so has long has that bill exists & the fcc enforce & re-enforce it THIS WILL CONTINUE & IN THE ROCK'S WORDS "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Friday, March 11, 2011


overnight a deadly earthquake & tsunami ravaged japan & destroyed buildings & homes & offices & hotels & millions of people died as a result it was an unimaginable experience & people tried to get to safety & call up family members as best & as much as they could it was nightmarish it was pure CHAOS & there are more reports coming in from japan, houses in flames being dragged away by the tsunami.

this earthquake & tsunami was predicted there were warning signs leading up to this japan earthquake, sign 1 christchurch predictionhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-iaeKqVpRY, sign 2 dead fishes predictionhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIi0VCzeM4A&feature=related

Thursday, March 10, 2011


reality tv trash on childrens channels SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!! & SHOULD BE BANNED!!!!!!!!!!! it's a joke it's worst than sponge bob square pants & sgt frog anime show hell it practically makes sponge bob square pants & sgt frog look good i can't stand this shows they are a disgrace to tv & every time i hear about it my stomach turns i HATE this reality shows their worst than jersey show & thats saying some thing.

don't get me started on chowder & mis adventures WHAT IS THIS???????????? THIS IS STUPID & SAD!!!!!!!!!!!! this makes teletubbies look good I CAN'T STAND THIS I MEAN SERIOUSLY THIS IS LIKE A GREAT DEPRESSION FOR BOTH THE CARTOON INDUSTRY & CARTOONIST & THE CARTOON INDUSTRY IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHARLIE SHEEN BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well well well well look at what we've got here charlie sheen out of money & falling from grace what else is new besides miley cyrus being a fool charlie sheen thinks that people owe him but it's the other way around because he owes people & his foolishness is costing people money, all i know is charlie sheen is in the dog house so much so more than lohan & that's a fact jack, charlie sheen is so such a fool just looking at him now is making me sick to my stomach i mean seriously what was he thinking i mean come on talking about being on drugs & going to parties every day & getting wild drunk & wasted so much i bet it finally caught up to him because with the way his acting along with losing every thing & getting fired & losing his kids & goddesses & his job & his show & his money & his power & his wealth & his fame & soon i predict that he will lose his houses in the weeks or days, only a retard would sink this low & charlie sheen is just that A RETARD plain & simple & im sure there are no objections.


Monday, March 7, 2011


now at days it's hard to find a job no matter where you & it's almost damn near impossible to get a job especially in this economy & screwed up recession & layoffs left & right IT'S BECOMING A PAIN some thing needs to change & idk what but i do know that some thing needs to change but problem stands in the way & it's reality & all the red tap & paper works & the government & congress & THE F.B.I, & THE CIA & THE SECRET SERVICE, too many world controlling leaders & too many things to go through when will things change? answer? IDK.

Friday, March 4, 2011


charlie sheen's media warpath offends warlocks, rankles mars enthusiasts & charlie sheen animated special coming to spike tv online viral hit lands deal exclusive http://insidetv.ew.com/ Charlie Sheen's Tiger's Blood Comments Inspire a Cocktail http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20471071,00.html MR.BAD NEWS says this may has well be the only connection/working friendship/partnership/collaboration that cartoonnetwork & adultswim will have with spike tv.

ok so now charlie sheen has another show on tv but this one about him self & he has inspired a bar worker to make a drink does that mean charlie sheen will get paid for both of them? & if yes then how much will that add to along with his hit tv show two & a half men?


sheen or gadhafi who is more crazy? MR.BAD NEWS says WHO DO YOU THINK IS MORE CRAZY? the person on the drug? or the rogue so called leader in power & control of a military currently killing their own people that they are suppose to be protecting, i think the answer speaks for it's self don't you?

3 lessons from jeff hardy's last wwe theme song 1.never walk away from a fight thats worth fighting 2.never hesitate when you know you're gonna act & 3.the most important lesson (never wast you're words on a fool who won't listen & never sell you're soul cause i'll never buy it), gadhafi is a fool who never ever listens, the supreme court are fools for allowing the hate protests to happen without a fight because they should of settled it in a game of basketball.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


charlie sheen losses kids & wife & female friend aka the goddesses put a restraining order on him & sheen losses his sheen in the process (fairly odd parents reference), CHARLIE SHEEN's words:yeah, i am on that drug it's called CHARLIE SHEEN & MR.BAD NEWS says well now that drug has cost him LOL charlie i saw this coming after the interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhx1DOhQRDo&feature=related

a once respectable respected actor now turned JOKE COMEDIAN JOKE CHARLIE FREAKING SHEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! & i thought lady ga ga was sad but THIS IS WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!,

speaking of lady ga ga the all so young & naive & all so DISRESPECTFUL star celeb female singer thinks madonna's days are over despite madonna's age because madonna CAN STILL RUN CIRCLES AROUND HER PERIOD POINT BLANK END OF CONVERSATION.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


the man is a star HE IS A STAR but yet he is going crazy like a drunken mad man at a frat party which results in nude city runs & you look up to charlie sheen expecting him to do some thing smart but instead he turns around & does the opposite of you're expectations & says he doesn't care well i will say this once all he is doing is making me laugh,

& lets not forget khlo'e kardashian she sets the record for wanna be anna nicole smith which by the way she will never be so she needs to stops trying & her recent super bowl nude pic is sad? not as sad as the fact that she has another sex video & she is bashing teen moms? PLEASE, give me a break the woman is beyond sad she is terrible & NEEDS TO STOP BASHING TEEN MOMS & ACTING LIKE A ROLE MODEL WHEN SHE OBVIOUSLY IS NOT,

ps-CHARLIE SHEEN'S WORDS:yeah im on that drug it's called CHARLIE SHEEN, Charlie Sheen Rants on Today Show 2-28-11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhx1DOhQRDo&feature=related