Tuesday, March 1, 2011


the man is a star HE IS A STAR but yet he is going crazy like a drunken mad man at a frat party which results in nude city runs & you look up to charlie sheen expecting him to do some thing smart but instead he turns around & does the opposite of you're expectations & says he doesn't care well i will say this once all he is doing is making me laugh,

& lets not forget khlo'e kardashian she sets the record for wanna be anna nicole smith which by the way she will never be so she needs to stops trying & her recent super bowl nude pic is sad? not as sad as the fact that she has another sex video & she is bashing teen moms? PLEASE, give me a break the woman is beyond sad she is terrible & NEEDS TO STOP BASHING TEEN MOMS & ACTING LIKE A ROLE MODEL WHEN SHE OBVIOUSLY IS NOT,

ps-CHARLIE SHEEN'S WORDS:yeah im on that drug it's called CHARLIE SHEEN, Charlie Sheen Rants on Today Show 2-28-11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhx1DOhQRDo&feature=related

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