Thursday, March 10, 2011

CHARLIE SHEEN BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well well well well look at what we've got here charlie sheen out of money & falling from grace what else is new besides miley cyrus being a fool charlie sheen thinks that people owe him but it's the other way around because he owes people & his foolishness is costing people money, all i know is charlie sheen is in the dog house so much so more than lohan & that's a fact jack, charlie sheen is so such a fool just looking at him now is making me sick to my stomach i mean seriously what was he thinking i mean come on talking about being on drugs & going to parties every day & getting wild drunk & wasted so much i bet it finally caught up to him because with the way his acting along with losing every thing & getting fired & losing his kids & goddesses & his job & his show & his money & his power & his wealth & his fame & soon i predict that he will lose his houses in the weeks or days, only a retard would sink this low & charlie sheen is just that A RETARD plain & simple & im sure there are no objections.

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