Wednesday, March 23, 2011


WELL... WELL... WELL.... it is i for whom if it is a crime to shine & so lucky with all this money i don't even have a job & yet i find money on the ground all the time MR.BAD NEWS, i recently heared about chris brown's blow up i have to say i saw this coming & i have to ask WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY DID THAT INTERVIEWER ASK CHRIS ABOUT  HER RIHANA? IDK but this is STUPID because thats what caused this blow up to begin with because 1.brown wants to forget 2.he wants NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PAST & 3.if you bring that up again best expect a repeat, but i find it RETARDED that rihana started this because she started the fight first & ADMITTED IT & in the end CHRIS BROWN IS THE ONE WHO SUFFERED IN THE END & AT THE END OF ALL OF IT, this is retarded JUST LEAVE THE GUY ALON BECAUSE HIS LIFE IS MORE HELL THAN CHARLIE FREAKING SHEEN JUST LEAVE CHRIS BROWN ALON SO THAT HE CAN SUFFER SILENTLY WITHOUT YOU AIRING HIS DIRTY LAUNDRY.

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