Thursday, March 10, 2011


reality tv trash on childrens channels SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!! & SHOULD BE BANNED!!!!!!!!!!! it's a joke it's worst than sponge bob square pants & sgt frog anime show hell it practically makes sponge bob square pants & sgt frog look good i can't stand this shows they are a disgrace to tv & every time i hear about it my stomach turns i HATE this reality shows their worst than jersey show & thats saying some thing.

don't get me started on chowder & mis adventures WHAT IS THIS???????????? THIS IS STUPID & SAD!!!!!!!!!!!! this makes teletubbies look good I CAN'T STAND THIS I MEAN SERIOUSLY THIS IS LIKE A GREAT DEPRESSION FOR BOTH THE CARTOON INDUSTRY & CARTOONIST & THE CARTOON INDUSTRY IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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