Tuesday, March 29, 2011


& WELL WELL WELL it is i for whom if it is a crime to be this kind with SO MUCH FREE TIME and being so nice MR.BAD NEWS and i saw a news about a girl named alye on hln news last night & i have to say it struck a cord with me because i have been through hell and i know the feeling of emptyness & it is NOT cool & this girl named alye touched my heart & i have to say i refuse to let her suffer any longer so im here to do damage control because I HAVE BEEN ANGRY MAD & EXTREMELY PISSED OFF SINCE MIDDLE SCHOOL & i know what she is going through because i've been there i've done that I KNOW HELL because i have dreams about it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT & MY BODY FREEZES UP LEAVING ME UNABLE TO MOVE & I CAN'T WAKE MY SELF UP MEANING THIS LIFE IM LEAVING (IS A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i can't stand it & im wondering, WHY? why? im i still alive while my fellow victims are killing them selfs off while im forced to face the devil EVERY NIGHT thats how much I HATE MY LIFE thanks to the pain i went through in every school i went to & dealing with bullying to the point where i have been SUICIDAL 15 TIMES ALREADY IN MY LIFE im sick of this and i have been to multiple sleeping centers & NONE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO HELP ME, thats how deep my pain is & im rarely able to sleep at night, & at every school i have been to i have been called thesame thing A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! & i am so sick of this hell because i have been framed 4 or 5 times i have been kicked out of 2 middle schools for fights that i DIDN'T START i have been jumped 3 or 4 times and i got jumped by 20 students in high school last year by both girls & boys & the girls were the ones who started it because they attacked me first & what a coincidence that i got jumped on thesame year as chris brown considering rihana started it, so yes HIGH SCHOOL WILL BE WORST & IM SURE YOU ALREADY HEARD ABOUT THE RUGERS UNIVERSITY BULLYCIDE MEANING COLLEGE ALSO HAS IT'S PROBLEMS & SCHOOLS DON'T WANT TO BE BLAMED FOR CRAP & SCHOOL SHOOTINGS & YOU KNOW WHAT SOUTH HADLEY TRIED TO LIE ABOUT NOT KNOWING ABOUT PHOEBE BEING BULLIED MEANING FIRST THEY SAID THEY KNEW THEN TURNED & SAID THEY DIDN'T KNOW & FINALLY THE D.A'S OFFICE REVEALED THAT SOUTH HADLEY KNEW EVERY THING SO SHAME ON THEM,

& now time for the Britney Spears part of this blog, hey did you hear that she failed BIG TIME with her come back yup true because yahoo is talking about it http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/amplifier/88756/watch-britney-spears-perform-femme-fatale-live/  YES I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN I MEAN SERIOUSLY WHY COME BACK NOW? YOU'RE NOT DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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