Friday, March 4, 2011


sheen or gadhafi who is more crazy? MR.BAD NEWS says WHO DO YOU THINK IS MORE CRAZY? the person on the drug? or the rogue so called leader in power & control of a military currently killing their own people that they are suppose to be protecting, i think the answer speaks for it's self don't you?

3 lessons from jeff hardy's last wwe theme song 1.never walk away from a fight thats worth fighting 2.never hesitate when you know you're gonna act & 3.the most important lesson (never wast you're words on a fool who won't listen & never sell you're soul cause i'll never buy it), gadhafi is a fool who never ever listens, the supreme court are fools for allowing the hate protests to happen without a fight because they should of settled it in a game of basketball.

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