Friday, April 1, 2011


icarly spongebob OH GOD STOP what is this? this isn't tv this is TRASH what has happened to children's television there is nothing good for kids to watch and it's the fault of that stupid bill BURN IT!!!!!!!!!!! because this is beginning to make jersey shore & teen moms LOOK GOOD i can't take this trash, what is chowder? whats misadventures? WHAT IS THIS TRASH? there really is nothing good to watch on tv because tv is TOO REGULATED it's sad heck mtv's skin & jersey shore & teen mom & oxygen channel's the bad girls club jerseylicious & the real jersey house wifes & the real mob house wifes & the real house wifes is now an option for kids because if you're not going give kids some thing good watch then they will go else where.

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