Wednesday, May 11, 2011


& WELL WELL WELL IT IS I THE MAN FOR WHOM WHO SHINES SO BRIGHTLY MR.BAD NEWS & i heard 2 REALLY DISTURBING news yesterday a girl was mucked for being a muslim by her teacher & i have to say just what in the world was the teacher thinking i mean seriously the girl & her family have NO CONNECTIONS TO OSAMA & THE BIN LADEN FAMILY & NO CONNECTIONS TO THE TALIBAN & AL-QAEDA  that teacher was way out of line for saying what he said and im prying that i NEVER meet him because if i do i will B-SLAP THE TASTE OUT OF HIS MOUTH & the teacher's words to the crying girl who broke down later in front of the whole class was "i heard you're uncle died (meaning OSAMA BIN LADEN) you must be grieving right now" and the girl's friends in thesame class where this happened were VERY OFFENDED & PISSED OFFR ABOUT THIS & the girl's family have already said OSAMA DOESN'T SPEAK FOR ALL MUSLIMS.

a boy who goes to a college called st.augustine was banned from graduation and banned from walking at the graduation & thus banning him from graduation in the process over a facebook post.... THE MIZ:REALLY? REALLY? REALLY? REALLY? REALLY? transformers beast wars uptimus primal:WELL THAT'S JUST PRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rat trap:WELL ISN'T THAT JUST PRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this college is way out of line in other words LEAVE THE JUSTICE TO THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! st.augustine YOU ARE FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just because of a facebook post about the storm destroying the dorm rooms you went and foolishly banned him from graduation YOU'RE IDOITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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