Monday, May 9, 2011


& WELL WELL WELL it is i the 1 & only the guy so sly you could call me a spy the guy who puts nice back in ice MR.BAD NEWS & i know for a fact that psn is STILL DOWN well this is getting really annoying REALLY FAST what does it matter what they sony did to the original features i mean seriously has any body besides me noticed that psn store had a ps2 section some years ago but it vanished as time continued and life moved on but THAT'S LIFE FOR YOU DAMNED HACKERS BECAUSE TIMES CHANGE AND LIFE MOVES ON AND CHANGE COMES ALONG WITH IT EVEN IF WE HATE IT and now that same change is happening to psn so be happy with what you have because for all we know because of you're STUPIDITY SONY CAN DISCONTINUE PLAYSTATION & HELL WHILE I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL THERE WERE RUMORS OF A PLAYSTATION 4 well guess what sony have created playstation CELL PHONES & YES I HAVE SEEN THE PICTURES but if you stupid hackers keep up this stupid trash SONY WILL HAVE ANY & EVERY & ALL RIGHT TO DISCONTINUE PLAYSTATION BECAUSE IT IS THEIR PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!! so keep screwing with sony and watch what will happen.

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