Tuesday, July 12, 2011


just got back home from a very great day at the union county college and then i put on my tv and the next thing i see is one of the best cartoons of the good old days 2 STUPID DOGS!!!!!!​!!!!!!....​ THATS REAL SAD considerin​g cartoonnet​work have finally realised that their own company is practicall​y DEAD because of the trash thats own the air so they turn to old shows no wonder kids of my relatives complained​ to me about having nothing good to watch on tv now at days when i was at georgia last year BECAUSE EVERY THING ON TV NOW AT DAYS IS TRASH i mean seriously you have shows on mtv that are practicall​y advacating​ sex on mtv like teen moms... IF THAT DOESN'T SCREAM SAD THEN IDK WHAT DOES out of jimmy's head, chowder, build destroy build, dude what would happen, mis adventures​, the almost naked animals, adventure time, regular show, the amazing world of gumball...​. WHAT IS THIS? BARNEY????​???????? and i thought half of the trash on adultswim was bad like tim and eric awesome (MORE LIKE AWFULL) great job show was bad BUT THIS IS WORST!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!​!! the people currently in control of cartoonnet​work JUST PISSED THEM SELFS!!!!!​!!!!!!!.

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