Monday, June 18, 2012


i watched casshern sins on saturday night and i understand SOPHITA both with and without the sword and i understand her love for fighting due to my years of constant abuse and violence at every school i have been to in my life.
sophita's pain and people not understanding her feelings i understand it to the point where it hurts and i have been fighting my whole life to the point where i think no i know that fighting is all i am good for in this world because fighting is all i know and understand in this world because i have been fighting to live thanks to school violence but it all seems like a lost cause and a losing effort.

what am i good for? fighting? is that all i am good for? IDK DON'T ASK ME. sophita's words "fighting is life" and i have been fighting my whole life to stay alive but whats the point it's starting to feel like a sad existence.

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